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Your Challenge - Software Business Insights

Do you see your business challenge in any of the videos below? Terry Forsey Consulting is ready to support the next phase of your business growth...

Watch Narinda's Story
Sales Director

Watch Marie's Story
Marketing Manager

Watch Tom's Story
Technical Guru

Working with smaller software businesses to develop their sales & marketing function is an exciting challenge for us - through our consultancy and marketing services we've been doing it longer than some of our team may care to admit and we have learned so much about what makes you 'tick' in the process.

Having worked with software businesses for many years, we have been able to build up some very valuable and clear insights into how our customers think, what their concerns are and how they make decisions in order to solve the challenges they face. 

We have produced the handy little videos above to highlight three key customer roles as personas. Some of you will relate to these personas almost immediately, maybe some people will relate to more than one, dependent on your own role and the size of your business. If you recognise your challenge, or elements of it, in any of these videos then rest assured, we understand your pains and know how to help.



"As consultants ourselves, we're very aware of the impact that good strategic advice can have on a business. Terry's expert guidance has been a critical factor in the successful transformation of our sales and marketing area."
Julian Stulher, Director
Triton Consulting, Norwich