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Focus on Creating Value when Marketing Software

Terry Forsey

In today's market, it's no longer what you sell, but how you market yourself that determines your success. Value no longer resides in the technology rather in the manner in which it is marketed.

Adapting to these market conditions requires that everyone involved in selling should move beyond simply communicating what is inherent in a product or a technology. Instead they must provide insight to potential customers in terms of value that can't be found elsewhere.

With today's tight economy and overburdened decision makers, you need to have a strong value proposition to get their attention. That means you need a financially-oriented value proposition that speaks to the critical issues they're facing. And, by including specific numbers or percentages you get the decision maker's attention even faster.

Combining a strong value proposition based on tangible business benefits with a strategy to exceed Seven Valuable Marketing Contacts for each sale will mean your success ratio will grow, boosting your sales revenues!

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