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Video Marketing Services

Video is set to be the biggest new way to communicate. By 2017 it will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. With online video becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, all small businesses need to be including it in their marketing strategies.

Studies show that more than half of companies are already making use of this medium – this will rise as more realise the potential. According to Nielsen, 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.

It’s all to do with potential reach – and in this respect, video is peerless.

We can produce a wide range of video styles, from character animation to 3D visualisation. We will manage the entire video production process from initial script ideas right to through to launch and video marketing. To find out more about the video services, take a look at what we offer below…

Impact Video IMPACT VIDEO - Presentation style video, ideally suited to give an overview of your company services and solutions. It will address the customer’s problems and then promote the solutions you can offer.
Doodle Video DOODLE VIDEO - Whiteboard animation style video, perfect for the ‘people person’, taking your customer on a journey using bespoke illustrations.
Character Animation Video CHARACTER ANIMATION VIDEO - Our animated characterisation video will resonate with positive and enthusiastic personality types. This video style will excite and motivate the viewer.
3D Visualisation Video 3D VISUALISATION VIDEO - For the person that just wants life simple. Your solutions are laid out in front of your prospect and are clear to see and appreciate, emphasising the ease and value of your software implementation.


If you would like to discuss our video marketing services and the options available in more detail, please contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation on 01536 771440.



"I worked with Terry Forsey Consulting to create a new video that would get across our core messages to a target market. They helped create a script that got across our key points to make a compelling story.The animations and the conceptual quality were of a very high standard. Customer reaction was extremely positive and the video will play a key role in our marketing campaigns to drive traffic to our website."
Carole Chandler, Sales & Marketing Director
Halcyon Software