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Tom - Technical Guru


We have developed some great software and are able to deliver engaging and detailed software demonstrations when we do get in front of a prospective buyer. Buyers are always very enthusiastic about our demonstrations and are fully aware of the positive impact that our software would have within their organisation.

We face a number of problems though. 

Firstly, our website explains everything about our software in lots of detail but it feels detached from any marketing plans and activities.  We simply struggle to understand the right and most effective approach to lead generation for our business.

Secondly, our sales meetings are sporadic, we can’t seem to duplicate a one off success into a repeatable process. Our sales and marketing plan is non-existent and we don’t know where to begin.  

Lastly, after we have presented a great software demonstration the sales deals stall and we don’t know how to reawaken them.

The Next Step

We have a proven track record for helping smaller software businesses to develop flexible and affordable sales and marketing programmes. We have lots of experience working with software businesses who have developed exceptional software, many of whom are heavily focused on the detail of the software but not confident in how to build a continual stream of qualified sales ready leads into the business.

We have built a flexible SmartMarketing on Demand service that helps businesses to attract, engage and nurture their prospects to the point that they become a qualified sales lead. Each lead is passed to the sales resource in order to close the deal and win new business.

Our methodology works because all the lead generation activities that are carried out in each stage are underpinned by some outstanding marketing automation software.

You start by ‘attracting’ prospects. At this stage the focus has to be on driving more relevant visitors to your website in order to get them to register for demonstrations, sign up for newsletters or contact you. This is done through social media, blogs and online advertising.

Marketing automation helps us to successfully manage the engage and nurture stages. The automation measures and captures the prospects behaviour i.e. what forms they complete, what landing pages they visit, what whitepapers and marketing collateral they download, what videos they watch etc. We get a complete picture of how our prospective buyer is behaving, this is invaluable.

We know what prospects are interested in and just how warm or hot they are. We send them relevant and timely content to build up valuable contacts. Through impressive lead scoring captured by the automation software we are able to tell when a prospect is ready to buy. This is key when helping your sales resource to focus only on qualified sales ready leads and not every single web registration that you receive.

From this approach comes a successful consultative sales process and strategy that engages with your prospects needs and aligns their buying process. From this strategy you will build an effective winning sales proposal to support your sales pitch and software demonstration.

This supports the successful transition from prospect to qualified sales ready lead to closed sales deal. 

If you recognise yourself or your own software business here please contact us in the first instance and we will arrange a convenient time with you to have an initial chat about the challenges you are currently facing. Call us on 01536 771440 or register your interest for a free no obligation consultation on our website. 



"Terry demonstrated to me the need to formulate an organised response to a customer enquiry and prevent them from going elsewhere. We now employ dedicated staff to this end, chasing customers, ensuring we respond to their needs and monitoring our website and social media. This has led to our highest ever sales. Thank you for our much needed wake up call Terry!"
Martin Tomkins, Owner and Director
Border Software