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From Transactional Selling to Selling Solutions

There is no one 'style' of selling. Some styles evolve and others remain stuck in the past with consequences for the company concerned. However all these various styles can be put into groups that can be loosely characterised as either Transactional Selling or Selling Solutions.Whether you are selling commodities in a transactional environment or selling complex services or products in a solutions based sales environment, it is essential that you use the appropriate and most effective selling techniques for what you are selling and to whom you are selling.


Win more Business with a Professional Sales Proposal

When writing a successful Sales Proposal there are four categories of content that you must include in order to maximise your chance of winning that sale:

  • Evidence that you understand the customer's business and their critical business issues
  • Explain how your solution will address these pains
  • A demonstration of the value inherent in your solution; and
  • Evidence of your ability to deliver

The Dos and Donts of Writing Winning Proposals

These tips have been designed to help you focus on the priorities of writing successful and winning sales proposals. They answer some of the most common questions including; Where should I start? How long should a proposal be?

  • How to layout the executive summary
  • How to describe the payback
  • How to deal with the competition
  • What to call your proposal
  • How much to say about the company
  • How many pages of standard material to use

The Twelve Guaranteed Steps for Sales & Marketing Success

For the first time in many years the future offers more uncertainty for UK businesses. The market, the economy and business behaviour is changing in ways we have never seen before.

This change does not mean businesses may have to change. It demands that you must change.

The old ways of selling your products and services have died along with the dinosaur. Today it's Selling Solutions for survival.


Five Critical Questions to Improve your Sales Success

There are lots of consultative methods focused on selling solutions. They all have at least one thing in common. They try to help salesmen to focus on what matters to the customer by demonstrating that you are delivering an important solution to an important problem.

That is the essence of all these consultative methodologies - to sell solutions.

Make sure your salespeople uncover the answers, make sure every proposal and sales presentation is based on them, and you'll win a lot more business.


Seven Steps to Real Sales and Marketing Alignment

As software companies start to grow, many will need to add sales and marketing resources to their team to sustain their growth. It is often said that Sales and Marketing are contrary colleagues and rarely play as one team. Sales expect the recognition of success and marketing are expected to play a support role. Sales don't understand the creative aspects of marketing and marketing believe they're the only strategic thinkers.  Sales believe that they make the numbers while they're accused on being solely focused on the month or quarter end.  Some of that may be the case in larger companies many of whom might be your competition but it does not need to be the case in smaller businesses. In fact small companies are uniquely placed to achieve a degree of sales and marketing integration not found in most major competitors.