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Selling Software: Videos

Winning Methodology

Are you struggling to combine your sales and marketing activities to achieve a repeatable lead generation process? Then follow our tried and tested steps to success. Watch our video to find out more...
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Smaller software businesses like yours are often faced with a dilemma - you know you need to be marketing your products, but you're not quite sure how. SmartMarketing is a flexible, affordable solution to getting your marketing off the ground. It uses a building blocks methodology, which evolves as your business grows. Watch our video to find out more. 
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Business Buying Cycle

It has been proven that if you get to grips with the buying cycle you are three times more likely to win customers. Understanding this process therefore is vital before embarking on any lead generation or marketing activities. We also know that 68% of small businesses struggle with lead generation - you have great software, but that doesn't automatically guarantee customers. Watch our video to find out more. 
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Impact Video

Impact Video - Terry Forsey Consulting

Your company has written some great software, you've got happy customers and superb feedback. You’re now ready to start selling it but where do you turn? Watch our video to find out the next steps...
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