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Coaching and Non-Executive - White Papers

The Value of Non-Executive Directors in Helping Software Companies Grow their Business

Most people have heard the term Non-Executive Director often without actually knowing what they are, much less what they can potentially do for a small and growing software business to help them achieve growth.

But those who are in on the Non-Executive secret know that they can add knowledge, contacts and general 'been there, done that, you should consider this' wisdom to a company's board. All of which cannot fail to be of value to a company whatever its size and this is particularly important as businesses have to chart the uncertain and unfamiliar waters of new challenges.

Research indicates that companies with one or more effective Non-Executive Directors typically perform better financially than those without. This white paper explores the value of Non- Executive Directors in helping software companies grow.


The Marketing Challenge of Selling your Software Business

For many business owners, the decision to sell their business is perhaps the biggest step they'll take in their career. With little or no experience the process of achieving a successful business sale often appears to be shrouded in mystery. In reality however, a company is a product, like any other. That doesn't mean that you should treat the sale of your company lightly; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The sale of a business is the most likely exit an Entrepreneur has to realise the true value of wealth they have built and which is inherent in their business. This strategic project which should be well prepared and have dedicated resource allocated to it, ensuring you are properly groomed for the big day.


Building a Winning Strategy for Growth

Forecasters say 2012 will be the year of growth after the last few difficult years. Businesses that are going to benefit and take advantage of these opportunities are the ones that start today by planning for growth and putting in place management processes to achieve that.

There will be winners and there will be losers. The winners will be the companies that have planned for growth and have the strategies to take advantage of these opportunities.


Differentiating Your Business Through High Quality Customer Service

Many software companies are differentiated NOT by their products or their solutions but by their people and the service they deliver. It's not just their people that make the difference, it is what they do and how well they do it that really counts.The behaviour of their people is at least fifty percent of the service they deliver, so what exactly are the key behaviours which make a business truly customer centric?

Can these behaviours differentiate companies from their competition? Within this paper there are eight critical behaviours that can help deliver a customer centric service. Take a look at these behaviours and ask yourself the questions: “on how many would my customers give me (or my company) eight out of ten?”

If your answer is “all of them”, then there are two explanations for your answer. The first is that you are the god of service (which is unlikely) and very successful to boot; the second (and much more likely) is that you are kidding yourself.