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Software Coaching and Non-Executive

Welcome to our Coaching and Non-Executive resources section that covers topics such as the role of a non-executive director, building winning strategies and techniques to transform relationships with customers. Here you will find a selection of free 5 Minute Guides and Whitepapers, plus Archive News and Interesting Reading.

Differentiating Your Business Through High Quality Customer Service

Many software companies are differentiated NOT by their products or their solutions but by their people and the service they deliver. It's...


Building a Winning Strategy for Growth

Forecasters say 2012 will be the year of growth after the last few difficult years. Businesses that are going to benefit and take advantage...


The Marketing Challenge of Selling your Software Business

For many business owners, the decision to sell their business is perhaps the biggest step they'll take in their career. With little or no...


The Value of Non-Executive Directors in Helping Software Companies Grow their Business

Most people have heard the term Non-Executive Director often without actually knowing what they are, much less what they can potentially do...


5 Minute Guide to Understanding the Role of a Non-Executive Director

The aim of this guide is to help smaller businesses understand how they can grow their business with the help of a non-executive director....


3D Visualisation - Introducing Terry Forsey Consulting

Your company has written some great software, you've got happy customers and superb feedback. You’re now ready to start selling it but...