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Business Management - White Papers

A Blueprint for Business Success

In business there will always be winners and there will always be losers.The winners will be the companies that have the strategies to take advantage of these opportunities.

Today the market, other businesses and most importantly your customers are all changing and these changes will impact your business whether you like it or not!

This paper gives you twelve strategies which will help you take advantage of current opportunities and can form the basis of change for your business.


Are you a Leader or a Manager? The Small Business Owner's Dilemma.

Succeeding in today's world requires a high level of management commitment.

Leadership and Management are two separate disciplines. Small business owners require a combination of leadership and management qualities in order to succeed. It is having a clear understanding of the differences between management and leadership that individuals can then adopt both types of behaviours and characteristics more effectively.

The small business owner needs to be both a manager who uses a formal, rational method and a leader who uses passion and stirs emotions.


Protecting your Valuable Assets - Your Software

Everyone who writes software is creating intellectual property. In so doing it is relatively easy to claim copyright on your work. With worldwide markets becoming ever more available it is often necessary to seek additional protection to enable you to compete effectively overseas and protect your domestic market position at the same time. This paper also explores software patents and trademark protection for your business and has been produced in partnership with Michael Coyle, Solicitor - Advocate, Lawdit Solicitors.


Five Guaranteed Strategies to Help Your Business Prosper

The last decade has proven that business can be tough and that external changes outside of our control can have a significant impact on our business. This white paper focuses on five strategies that are guaranteed to help your business prosper.


Protect Your Customer Base from Your Competition

Many technology companies are differentiated NOT by their products or their solutions but by their people and the service they deliver.

The behaviour of your staff is at least fifty percent of the service you deliver, so what exactly are the key behaviours which make a business truly customer centric? In tough economic times it is crucial that you are confident that your customer base is safe.

Within this paper there are eight critical behaviours that can help deliver a customer centric service, one which will help protect your customers from competitive threat.