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Narinda - Sales Director


For some time now we have been struggling to regularly convert leads into sales. It’s so frustrating. Our deals are won on a very sporadic basis and we just can’t duplicate that one off success into a repeatable process that we can apply to all leads.

In the past we used to make lots of outbound sales calls, but we’ve stopped doing this now as we just can’t reach anyone. If we take a list of all our website registrations and work through the list calling each registration the response we get 99% of the time is that they are ‘just looking around’ at other options and they aren’t in a position to buy at this point in time.

We have a number of opportunities on the table but often these sales deals stall and we just don’t know how to reawaken them and move the buyers onto the next stage.

The Next Step

We wouldn’t recommend that any small business in the B2B environment should focus their sales resources on every single web registration that comes in. This is not good use of your precious sales resource.

What you do is to focus on leads that are qualified and sales ready – i.e. they might have engaged with your business on social media, opened and clicked on certain marketing emails received, downloaded some interesting collateral that you have produced or filled in an enquiry form.

But how can you monitor and measure this?

Using our proven winning sales and marketing methodology, underpinned by some exceptional marketing automation software, we are able to help smaller businesses measure when a registered visitor has become a qualified sales ready lead or not. The entire journey that a prospect takes is recorded, measured and given a lead engagement score which then indicates to you if they are a ‘hot’ prospect or not.

This is what helps you develop a consultative sales process that engages with prospects when they’re ready, understands their needs and aligns with their buying process.

If you recognise yourself or your own software business here please contact us in the first instance and we will arrange a convenient time with you to have an initial chat about the challenges you are currently facing. Call us on 01536 771440 or register your interest for a free no obligation consultation on our website. 



"Terry is a highly professional sales and marketing coach - but he is far more than that. Add to this his mentoring capabilities, his ability to drill down to the critical issues and his inventive way of enabling you to solve them - and you have a very powerful force on your side. We have had an on-going long term relationship with Terry since 2002 and he has helped us transform our business by helping us put in place winning strategies and manage the challenges of real growth. His style is good humoured, friendly, supportive and pragmatic, and he always delivers on time."
Carole Chandler, Sales and Marketing Director
Halcyon Software, Peterborough