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Lead Nurturing Campaigns

As part of our SmartMarketing Managed Service we develop Lead Nurturing Campaigns that allow your business to deliver valuable content to your contacts in a timely and automated manner. 

  • We develop compelling and relevant content that is interesting and engaging to potential customers
  • We will extract testimonials from your clients and use them as a marketing tool to provide the proof other prospects need to purchase your software
  • Using marketing automation software we create targeted campaigns, focusing on topics or solutions your leads are specifically interested in
  • Campaigns to encourage lead interaction through many marketing channels

When considering our SmartMarketing Managed Service that manages the entire process of generating qualified leads, all of our writing services can be incorporated as part of this programme. 

To discuss these options further, please contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation on 01536 771440 or submit the form below to register your interest:

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"We have been working with Terry and his team to develop a new company website and produce all the marketing content to support the Lead Generation Managed Service. We needed to become much more pro-active in generating qualified sales leads. Since we launched our new CN Alloys website and Terry's team have integrated Act-On Marketing Automation Software with our Salesforce CRM the level of enquiries have gone through the roof - it's our highest month ever! Thanks to Terry and the team."
Andrew Clark, Director
CN Alloys