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The Sales Operator

Brian J Bieler

Great salesmanship comes from competence. There is no simple formula or tried-and-true method for sales success. The way to stay ahead of the sales game is to become a non-stop learner. 

While selling does not require a degree, it does require education. The Sales Operator is a book of skills and knowledge to help you reach peak sales performance. Brian J. Bieler, a former salesman and Corporate President, shares his tips and real-life strategies. 

This book is a resource how to develop personal confidence and create a winning edge by exploiting individual talents. More than a refresher course in sales, it's up-to-date principles for beginners and old pros alike. 

The fast reading book is insider's secrets and step-by-step original ideas how to develop personal skills, tell sales stories, develop strong communication powers, wow clients presenting like a pro, use proven tactics to improve your closing ratio, understand motivation principles and use them as a sales tool, handle customers and clients without making them feel manipulated and negotiate like a sales superstar.