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Google Remarketing Ads

Building Your Google Remarketing Image Adverts

There are two different types of Google Remarketing Image Adverts that can appear across the Google Display Network:

Responsive Image Adverts - Responsive ads automatically adjust their size, appearance and format to fit available ad spaces. So a single responsive ad may appear as a small text ad in one place and a large image ad in another. In Google’s words, “We built responsive ads for display to help your ads adapt to the increasingly diverse mix of content types and screen sizes.”

Google recommends you keep text on the images to a minimum (no more than 20%). All headlines, descriptions, company names and landing page URLS are added during the set-up of the Responsive Ads.

The down side to responsive adverts is that you have no control over how the adverts appear. They can appear with or without logos and images. Some will just appear as text ads where you have no control over the colours or fonts used. See our examples below. 

This is why we would recommend you combine responsive ads and custom image ads in your campaigns.

Building Your Responsive Ads

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Here's How Your Responsive Ads Will Look

Custom Image Adverts – Custom image ads are a fixed size. There are 20 size variations given by Google. This range of different sized ads covers between 85-90% of Google display ad spaces.

Unlike responsive adverts, the custom image ads cannot be altered by Google. What we design, is what you will see on the display network.

Our Recommendation

We would recommend that anyone starting out in Google Remarketing should have a campaign that consists of both responsive ads and custom image adverts to ensure maximum exposure across the display network. 

Over time we would optimise your adverts across both responsive ads and custom image ads.