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Getting the Most Out of Act-On

Marketing automation integrates web, email and social media activities to provide a single view of lead engagement and its effectiveness. 78% of marketers cite it as being most responsible for improving revenue contribution. However, 54% of marketers identified marketing automation as something they are not doing to their satisfaction. 

At Terry Forsey Consulting we know the level of expertise, time and resource that goes into maximising ROI from marketing automation. We have been working successfully with Act-On Marketing Automation Software for 3 years delivering lead generation managed services.

We are a niche sales and marketing consultancy for smaller businesses in the software sector and also a UK based agency for Act-On. We have recently started working with other Act-On users to help them to realise the full potential from marketing automation.

Recently we started working with a business using Act-On Software, they came to us via a client recommendation. Their key business challenges were:

  • We are very new to this. It’s our first time using marketing automation software
  • Our resources in house are limited, as is our budget and marketing automation requires more input that we initially thought it would
  • We have limited experience in reporting and in using advanced software systems
  • It’s the first time we’ve had to sync an external system with our CRM
  • We aren’t sure how to best target and suppress audiences
  • The processes and set up is complex and we’re not getting what I fully expected from marketing automation.

Armed with a list of the client’s pains, we were able to help them turn this around and get Act-On really working for their business.

Not only do we understand the software industry, and are advanced and experienced users of Act-On Software ourselves, but we also understand the sales and marketing process. We can help your business get to grips with the right approach to lead generation and provide you with the confidence that you are using Act-On to its full potential.

We can be the ‘Go-To-Person’ when it comes to troubleshooting, training and helping you to deliver real business benefits.

To find out more about Act-On Empowered, CLICK HERE and fill out the form; we will be in touch.  



"By automating my marketing process I can engage with everyone who visits my website then rapidly filter those that are ready for a sales call. My pipeline is the strongest I have seen it for many years."
Sarfraz Ahmad, Managing Director
Centrepoint Computer Services Ltd