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You've heard of Software-as-a-Service, but what about Marketing-as-a-Service?

The last decade has seen the world of business software become increasingly dominated by a concept that seems to have almost singlehandedly driven the direction of the industry, and that is Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS).

The proliferation of SaaS within B2B software has impacted the product development direction and the overall business models of software providers both large and small. The idea of subscription-based pricing for a cloud-based and accessible on-demand software product has been embraced by investors, developers and customers alike.

And the reason for this is that the model works for all parties:

  • Customers love the flexibility, accessibility and budgetary advantages offered by SaaS.
  • Software developers benefit from the control they retain over their software, the improved support they can deliver and the recurring revenues associated with SaaS.
  • Investment markets have increasingly valued businesses based on their book of ongoing revenue and have therefore bought in to the shift to subscription within software.

Here at Terry Forsey Consulting we specialise in marketing consultancy and outsourced agency services for software businesses. It’s for this reason that we’ve been increasingly exposed to the SaaS phenomenon as it has grown within our core market.

We’ve spent years refining and perfecting our specialist software marketing approach and services to ensure they have kept pace with this shift. During this time - just like our clients and their customers - we’ve become advocates for the SaaS model. So much so, we started to look at our own business model in the context of SaaS.

Now, while we work with software businesses and provide market-leading automation platforms as part of our Smart Marketing service, we don’t actually sell software. But it became apparent that what we do does fit the SaaS model pretty well - it’s just the case that what we offer can be seen as a Marketing-as-a-Service, or MaaS if you will.

So, what does MaaS offer our clients? There are some key benefits that should appeal to any SME software business looking to supercharge their sales and marketing strategy:

  • An offering based on flexibility and scalability. We offer a full range of marketing services, the option to flex contracted service time ‘in-month’ in line with demands AND the ability to increase/decrease future contracted services as necessary
  • You instantly access our tried, tested and proven software marketing methodology. This allows faster ramp-up and minimal time required to start realising results.
  • Budgetary flexibility and certainty. You know exactly what you’ll be paying month-to-month and have control over this as mentioned above.
  • Unrivalled expertise. You work with and are supported by an experienced team of tech marketers for the price of employing a single, less experienced marketer.
  • Tech into the bargain. We incorporate the use of cutting-edge marketing automation technologies and the support to deploy and manage them into your service cost.
  • A proper partnership. Our aim is to deliver a service to you as if we were a part of your internal team. We are proud of having a partnership approach based on collaboration, transparency and (most importantly) building productive working relationships.

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