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You share the problem, we'll find the solution

A problem shared is a problem halved, so the saying goes... well at Terry Forsey Consulting we can do better than that - a sales and marketing problem shared with us can be solved using our SmartMarketing services. Talking through your challenges with us, an expert team who understand your business needs, is the first step towards fixing any issues you may be facing.

At TFC we've spent 18 years working exclusively with software SMEs, so we know exactly what makes you tick, and the frustrations you face. For example, we know that two thirds of companies struggle with lead generation. We also know that over 60% of the buying decision process is complete before a potential customer even engages with a salesperson.

Getting your sales and marketing strategy correct is therefore crucial to the growth and success of your business. Trust us when we tell you that nothing you can say to us about your sales and marketing challenges are unique to your company though. With this in mind, we've created a range of videos, available on our website, which highlight some of the issues with which you'll identify. These are told from the different perspectives of people working at a business just like yours. The virtual case studies show Tom, the MD and technical guru; Narinder, the sales manager; and Marie, head of marketing.  They demonstrate how many of their challenges are interconnected, but ultimately easily solvable with our help.

In addition, we offer self-help guides to improve your sales and marketing strategy, available free from our website. Contact us today to find out how our SmartMarketing services can offer you and your company tailor-made solutions which perfectly fit your needs and budget.