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A Winning Website for All Your Visitors

I recently sat with a client having a very interesting discussion how his website is perceived by different groups of visitors. Have you ever thought about it from the visitors point of view? I'm not just talking about prospects and customers. It's really worth having a think about it.  

You need to carefully consider the following different groups of people and try to anticipate what they are looking for and what they will get from your website:  

Customers - What is the added value you offer to your customers? Customers will be interested in new products/services, customer service, extra value added resources such as case studies and white paper downloads.  

Prospects - Prospects now spend hours doing research online before they decide which business to go with.  Think about how easily navigable your site is. Are your service/product pages up to date, have you addressed the prospects challenge. Provide informative high value content and include a really good call-to-action.  

Press & Media - Are your news items current? Do you update this area regularly? Are you blogging? Are your company page and 'About Us' page up to date? If you expect lots of press attention can you construct a press area?  

Re-sellers & Partners - Will want to read case studies, download brochures, have access to customer service contacts, and see proof of success. They would also benefit from a dedicated re-seller area featuring pricing and product details.  

Investors - Would an investor be able to find out easily about your business principles and what makes your business tick?