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What’s driving your Sales Pipeline?

Act-On Software has just released its 2014 Digital Marketing Benchmark report, and it makes for some very interesting reading.  

We have been working with Act-On Marketing Automation Software since 2012, and are their only UK APEX Agency Partner.  

I'd like to share some facts if I may from this recent research.  

Of the 4250 marketers interviewed, the top three marketing campaigns they planned to use this year were

  • 64% for email marketing,
  • 62% for social media and
  • 49% for events and tradeshows

  When asked which channels drove the most sales pipeline, the top five were

  • 69% for email marketing,
  • 56% for social media,
  • 53% for tradeshows and events, and
  • 35% for direct mail
  • 30% for online banner ads

Highly effective and efficient marketers measure sales conversion the ROI of content marketing and incremental revenue  

The list of statistics goes on and on,

OK, lots of facts and figures here, but what does this all tell us?  

Small to medium businesses, like yours and mine, are reaping the benefits from email marketing and social media in particular.  

Most are also planning co-ordinated campaigns.  But only one in four is able to measure how effective these campaigns will be.  

That's where we at Terry Forsey Consulting can help.  Using our Act-On Marketing Automation Software, the clarity of the lead-generation process from start-to-finish can be seen.  

Our range of Lead Generation Services support smaller software businesses by creating, managing and delivering successful marketing campaigns, which deliver more qualified sales-ready leads. Please contact us, or visit our website, for further information.