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Video Marketing Helps Client to Successfully Promote New Service...

Halcyon Software, one of our clients, came to us for guidance on video marketing.

So many businesses are now turning to video marketing to help attract more prospects and engage with their target audience. There's been a seismic shift towards using videos due to their potential reach. Halcyon were not alone in realising that video marketing was the way forward that it had to be included in their marketing strategy.

In fact Forrester say “One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”.

However Halcyon didn't really know where to start, or have the relevant resources in-house. It was important that they worked within their budget and that the video was completed efficiently.

We worked with them to establish exactly what they needed to communicate in terms of messaging, and gave them our recommendations on the most suitable video style. Our experience of producing short marketing videos helps businesses to get the most out of their script.

We suggested that they use an Impact Video. This video is presentational in style, and delivers an overview of the company's services, then outlines the customer's problems and promotes the solutions available, all in a very clear and concise format.

"I worked with Terry Forsey Consulting to create a video that had impact and got across our core messages so we could target and grow an important segment of our market for monitoring software."

Here's what Carole Chandler, the sales and marketing director of Halcyon Software, had to say about the experience of creating a marketing video with us:

"They understood the brief and helped to create a script that, in a very short time, got across our key points to make a compelling story."

"Not only that - but it was clear from the first draft of the video that the animations and the conceptual quality was of a very high standard. In short - the video was produced and delivered on time and budget despite the tight schedule we imposed."

"The reaction from customers was very positive and the video will play a key role in our marketing campaigns to drive traffic to our website."


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