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Using marketing automation to identify your "hot" sales leads.

Marketing automation promotes a mutually beneficial relationship between email marketing technology and a structured sales approach. It goes beyond process automation to help marketers get much-needed insight into which marketing programs are working and which aren’t.  

Marketing automation provides the tools and intelligence to separate “warm” leads – those that are curious but aren't ready to buy today – from the “hot” leads that represent immediate sales opportunities. By tracking and measuring the buyer's behaviour, the state of buying readiness can be identified and sales can be presented with prospects that not only have an active project but one which is progressing in a realistic short time frame.  

The purpose of a marketing automation platform is to streamline sales and marketing operations by replacing repetitive manual processes with automated solutions:  

  • Marketing intelligence: uses  tracking codes in social media, email and web pages to track the behaviour  of anyone interested in a product or service to gain a measure of intent.  It can record which social media group or thread was followed, which link was clicked in an email or which search term was used to access a website. This allows more accurately targeted responses and the development of a nurturing program specifically targeted towards visitor interests.
  • Marketing automation: has a focus on moving leads from the top of the marketing funnel through to becoming sales-ready leads. Prospects are scored, based on their activities, and then presented “drip marketing” campaign messaging via  email and social channels, thus nurturing them from first interest through to sale.

If you would like to learn more about lead generation through marketing automation then download my whitepaper "10 Steps to deliver High Quality Marketing and Sales Ready Leads".