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Use Your Personality to Generate Leads

A new trend has emerged in branding which I read about in a really interesting email from Daniel Priestley of Entrevo; let me share the details with you.  

The first type of branding was product branding, later came the separation of 'product brands' and 'company brands'.  

Recently a new type has emerged, the 'personality brand', possibly the most powerful type so far.  

Steve Jobs was synonymous with Apple, likewise Richard Branson is with Virgin - he's on the adverts, albeit usually in a cameo comedy role these days, but when you think of Virgin Music, Trains, Planes and Media you automatically associate it with Mr Branson.  

In today's world, with the strength of social media, the personality brand is arguably the most powerful.  Consumers want to know who's behind a business - not just the CEO, but the people who work in the company.  

Smart brands are responding to these trends and letting members of their team write blogs and speak at conferences.  They've also discovered it's cheaper to cultivate their staff in this way than to pay an established celebrity to endorse their products.  

Small businesses can embrace this trend quickly and build powerful personality brands.  In addition, a business leader who builds a personality brand will attract opportunities beyond the life of any particular company.  Industries may change, but key people of influence keep attracting interest.  

In summary, you should be building three types of brand for your business - a company brand, product brands and personality brands. To read the full article, click here.  

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