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Turning Visitors into Leads

Following on from last week's blog where I talked about attracting new clients, this week we move a stage further in the process and talk about the need to engage with prospects.  

It's vital that once you have attracted their interest that you then engage with them further.  

'How do I do this?' you may well be asking.  The answer is through giving them captivating content.  

Demonstrate how invaluable your software is to your target audience by providing evidence through well written client case studies and glowing testimonials.  

Don't just share the general features and benefits of it because on its own it's just not that interesting - sorry to be blunt!  

In addition, you should share relevant and exciting industry news, offer fresh ideas, insights and information.  

Be somebody they want to hear from, whose opinion they respect.  

The aim is to generate new leads from your target market through successful campaigns, and then manage and qualify your leads.

  Sales and Marketing Process

Next week, I'll talk about the next stage in the process - nurturing.  

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