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Turn the Curious into Clickers...

'The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity' said Edmund Burke. This very curiosity can be harnessed to create leads - let me explain how.  

We are big fans of Google and LinkedIn pay per click advertising.  We use it to great effect ourselves and with our clients. Most people are familiar with Google and its AdWords pay per click service - this captures visitors searching on Google and drives them to relevant content on your website.  I'll expand more on this next week.  

What many people are unaware of is the power of LinkedIn advertising.  It's very different to AdWords in that you can advertise to specific groups of people to fit your target market. LinkedIn adverts will appear on someone’s profile page with the sole purpose of arousing curiosity and get clickers to your website. Let me give you some examples of how LinkedIn adverts work.  

I have been working with a company seeking to recruit somebody with a very specific skill in a geographically challenging area.  The technical skill they were seeking wasn't one that most people would list on their LinkedIn profile. They could have posted the job and relied on 'lookers' positively seeking that particular role at that time, but we wanted to open this up to a wider audience - a true marketing challenge! We created an eye-catching LinkedIn advert, then identified around 25 LinkedIn groups which could possibly include likely candidates.  We then targeted those members with specific LinkedIn adverts.  The result?  315 visitors to their job.  

We have also worked with a company who had a relatively low profile in their market space and wanted to launch a new innovative solution to their sector. They were finding it hard to acquire relevant target data and wanted to attract early adopters to their technology. We could easily identify the profile of decision makers they wanted to attract on LinkedIn.  

We also identified a list of 250 target accounts they wanted to try to engage. Their LinkedIn campaign was targeted at decision makers in these named companies and separately at individuals based on their profile.  Within 30 days of initiating their campaign we attracted almost 100 relevant visitors to their website, all of which qualified as good business potential.  

If you would like some help setting up a LinkedIn advertising campaign for your software business, please click here to find out more about our LinkedIn Advertising Service or call us on 01536 771440.  

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