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Top 5 Features of a Great Landing Page...

First impressions count - your website's landing page is very important, as it's possibly the first point of contact with your company.  

Make sure it's the best it can be, and creates a positive initial experience.  Here are five things every great landing page on a website should encourage a visitor to do:

  1. Click through to another page on your website - does your landing page include links to other pages?  Encourage people to investigate further once they arrive at your website by including links to other areas.  
  2. Buy something - if you're not in the B2C sector, you might be wondering how you can achieve this.  For the software B2B sector, we suggest that you encourage visitors to sign up for or watch a video software demonstration.  Depending on the complexity and nature of your software, why not create a video demonstration, or offer links for people to request a one-to-one software demonstration?  The use of video to encourage conversions is growing fast – read our previous blog to learn more.  
  3. Give permission for a follow-up by e-mail, phone etc. - include a ‘sign-up’ for your newsletter, or a 'contact us' form to capture their details.
  4. Recommend to a friend - encourage visitors to share your web pages across social media sites and forward on links to your landing pages via e-mail.  Don't underestimate the power of social media, it's a great opportunity and if people like your website they will likely want to share with a colleague, friend or business contact. According to Forrester, 70% of buyers trust the recommendations of their friends and family. Based on that statistic you should really focus on this.
  5. Comment or leave some sort of feedback - vital if you have a company blog.  Ensure you have a 'leave a comment' section by each blog so readers can do just that or even ask a question.  Let them engage with you, this helps to build a relationship.  

We recommend that all software businesses should consider these points in relation to their own websites.  You should seize every opportunity to engage with website visitors every time they arrive at one of your landing pages.  

We can help your smaller software business encourage higher levels of prospect engagement through better website landing pages - take a look at our Lead Generation Services or contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation.  

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