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Today’s Journey from Prospect to Customer

The sales process in business to business selling is not something that always happens quickly.  During the buying process smaller businesses have to manage each stage of the process very carefully and consider all parts to be as important as each other.  

A neat way to look at this process is as a journey from prospect to customer. Take a look at my diagram below.  

The start of the journey begins when your business creates curiosity through online communications, social media, PR and blogging. From there, people start listening and engaging with what you have to say. They become educated and want to learn more about your product or service so they register with you in order to find out more about you, your products/your services and your company.  

As the prospect’s journey continues you need to be proactively communicating some very relevant content to them. They don’t want to be overloaded with irrelevant emails that cover topics and products they are just not interested in. You don’t want them jumping ship at this point.  

Instead send them timely relevant emails that will educate and engage your prospect. At this stage you need to take the ‘generalness’ out of your communications and be much more specific to what your prospect is interested in.  

Whilst nurturing your prospect on this journey you should be monitoring their activity. Marketing automation tools give you the ability to score prospects based on their activities. That score will then ‘drop’ them into a “drip marketing” campaign. They will be sent messages via email and social channels, thus nurturing them towards a sale.

  Social Media Illustration_v1

Once you qualify a prospect based on their score and activity, they become a ‘hot’ sales ready lead that you can be passed onto your sales team.  It comes as no surprise that nurtured leads will result in more sales than leads that were passed to the sales team as a web registration!  

As the prospect finishes their journey as a customer, you are probably wondering how this journey unfolds from start to finish? Well, our new Lead Generation Managed Service is designed to help smaller software businesses by managing the entire process and generating qualified sales-ready leads. 

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