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Testimonials - let your clients tell everyone how good you are!

We can all tell the world how great we are, but people hearing it from somebody else gives these statements credibility.

'Word of mouth' has always been a vital component of a successful business, it's just the way that it is communicated has changed.  

Now your website and marketing communications need to convey that message which helps build trust in you and your brand.  This is where Testimonials can be utilised.  

I really can't overstress the importance of publishing testimonials on your website, blog, brochures, press releases and direct mail - indeed anywhere and everywhere other people can read them.  

A testimonial provides evidence from an existing client that, for example, they are happy with the service you've provided, that you're reliable, can deliver on time and are easy to work with.  

To illustrate my point, here are some examples from my website:  

"I was particularly impressed with the strong web presence and excellent testimonials of Terry Forsey Consulting. Terry has just the track record we were seeking having spent many years working in software sales and marketing. He also had the international experience we were looking for, working in UK, Europe and across US markets."  Shiraz Ahmed, CEO ITAZ, Mumbai, India  

"Terry has successfully helped us evaluate some of the challenges facing our software business. I have found his experience highly valuable as we find our way as a young software business." John Dawson, Director Marketing QED, London.  

The next time you have a positive interaction with a client, ask them for a Testimonial and don't be afraid to publish it far and wide.  

Don't just tell people how good you are - show them the proof!