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Ten Top Tips on How to Increase Your Engagement Levels on Twitter

Twitter Using Twitter is a great way for small businesses to make their voices heard in an increasingly busy marketplace. There are millions of Twitter users in the UK and 140 million active users worldwide - that's a huge audience with whom you can engage! Don't be intimidated by Twitter though - it's very easy to get started and here are some handy hints on how to increase your engagement levels:

  1. Tweet regularly - the more you Tweet, the more responses you'll get.  Download Twitter to a mobile device and you can tweet on the go and respond to tweets from your customers;
  2. Be a Thought Leader - Tweet about your ideas, principles and passions, connect with like-minded people and share links to articles with your followers;
  3. Respond, React, Retweet - reacting to your customers as soon as you can is important, plus if you get any negative comments about your business, if they're handled in the right way, you can turn an unhappy customer into a fan;
  4. Don't just say it, show it - use photos, videos, quotes or links as these will get retweeted the most;
  5. Listen - use Twitter's search feature to monitor what users are saying about you and your business sector;
  6. Be Human - businesses that are direct, genuine and friendly on Twitter see the highest levels of engagement;
  7. Promote Twitter exclusives - give your followers something extra; for example, we offer free downloads to our 5 minute guides for software businesses;
  8. Experiment and measure - try different types of Tweets and see which generate the best responses, don't be afraid to experiment!
  9. Want more followers?  Ask - ask your followers to help you reach a target, for example 1000 followers, by retweeting your request.  Don't forget to advertise your @username on your website and blog, business cards, e-mail signatures etc too;
  10. Make sure your profile page is clear - make it easy for people to find information about your business by including a clear description, address and link to your website.

If you haven't before, take the plunge and send a tweet!  If you need more help and advice on using Twitter, please contact us on 01536 771440 to arrange a free no obligation consultation  and find out more about our Lead Generation Services.