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Solving Your Lead Generation Crisis...

Marie the Marketing ManagerAs a Marketing Manager of a smaller software business you're well aware of lead generation. In fact, some days it seems to be all that anybody talks about!

They all want leads - not only that, they want sales-ready leads - but how do you get them?

We've been working with smaller software businesses for a long time, so we understand your needs and feel your pain. We've created a new section on our website where we highlight the challenges different members of staff face in software businesses.

Believe us when we say that sales-ready lead generation is a perennial and universal problem, but the good news is that we can help you overcome it.

Let's meet Marie, the marketing manager at a software business. Everybody's talking to her about leads, sales ready leads and lead generation, but she's unsure which is the right approach for her company and needs guidance on how to build a successful programme.

She knows that their website isn't getting enough visitors - and those that do visit don't stay for long, don't fill out any enquiry forms or engage in any meaningful way.

They've got a reasonable-sized database, and do regular e-mail campaigns, but the open and click rates could be much higher and the opt-out rate ought to be lower.

She tried a Google advertising campaign, but the landing pages were not effective enough. Similarly a campaign on LinkedIn didn't do much either. They're paying out good money each month for little or no reward.

She knows there's something missing, the content they're sending out isn't meaty enough, and they just can't engage with people. She needed help - our help.

Our advice to Marie, and marketing managers like her, is to adopt our Winning Methodology. A proven four-stage sales and marketing strategy - attract, engage, nurture and close – all underpinned by outstanding marketing automation software.

This will not only generate leads successfully, but is measurable so Marie can see the return on her investment.

The key is to attract more relevant visitors to the website using compelling content on social media, blogs and online advertising. Once there, the automation software can measure and capture prospects' behaviour, which gives a complete picture and is invaluable in knowing where they are on their journey and when they're ready to buy.

Then targeted relevant and timely content can be sent to them, and Marie's company can monitor the successful transition from prospect to qualified sales-ready lead. Read the full story...

For more information on how to make this strategy work for your company, please contact us for a free no obligation consultation on 01536 771440 or visit the website.