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Smaller Software Businesses adopt a 'Building Blocks' Approach to fund their Lead Generation Services

Team building gameSmaller software businesses don't have the big budgets to sign up for large scale marketing consultancy contracts. We recognise that and take an approach that starts small with one or two activities that will have a significant impact on your business, generating more leads as we go. We then build on these activities over a longer period of time to develop a complete lead generation service.  

We worked recently with a client who was struggling to:
a) Drive Traffic to their website, and
b) Get visitors to sign up for their free software demonstrations.  

With a limited budget this is how we kicked off their lead generation programme -  

1. We reviewed their current marketing and sales process - looking at their online activity and how they generate leads at present. 2. One of their goals was to increase the level of traffic to their website. To drive conversions you need to have a good website with great content and clear call to actions (CTAs) - get the messaging right. We worked closely with our client to do the following –

  • Review, refine and update all website content, messages & CTAs
  • Carried out an SEO audit once keyword searches were agreed with our client - content optimisation
  • Set up and manage new carefully targeted online advertising campaigns on Google and LinkedIn to drive traffic to their website.

By starting with these first simple building blocks we were able to get the ball rolling with their lead generation and marketing activities so that their website traffic increased and they gained valuable conversions from their online advertising campaigns and prospects details were captured in their database. This has been a great kick-off and we have set some good ‘foundation building blocks’.  

We are now in the process of working with this client now to build in more lead generation activities - very soon we will be producing and publishing weekly blogs and starting a new email marketing campaign to their database using our marketing automation platform (Act-On).  

As their lead generation activities grow, so too will the level of sales leads becoming actively engaged and gradually qualified as sales ready leads.  

If you would like to find out more about how to kick off your lead generation and marketing activities please contact us on 01536 771440 to arrange a free no obligation consultation or visit our website to find out more.