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Simply Outsource OR Build a Partnership

As I mentioned in last week's blog, many smaller software companies lack in-house marketing expertise and experience.  

This is just one of the reasons why they consider outsourcing their marketing, others include:

  • saving time and reducing stress
  • lowering cost and risk
  • providing access to a knowledge base
  • ensuring sustainable activity levels
  • flexible access to skills
  • access to tools and the latest technology trends
  • provision of a professional level service
  • achieving increased business growth

At Terry Forsey Consulting we have been providing marketing consultancy and services to smaller software businesses for over a decade, and in recent years expanding our lead generation services.  

We strongly believe that we need to work together to build strong partnerships with our clients, as that is the best way to achieve successful marketing campaigns and long term business growth.  

Here's our five step process to ensure we achieve this:

  • Getting to know our customers, understanding their business challenges and pains
  • We work closely to develop and agree on a marketing and lead generation programme that both of us are confident this will generate more leads for your business.  This could be a simple six-month LinkedIn online marketing campaign, blogs and e-mails, or a full-on Lead Generation Managed Service
  • We work closely to deliver lead generation services that help Attract, Engage and Nurture your prospects to gear them up to become a qualified sales lead - the driving force behind all we do
  • We arrange regular meetings, communications, updates and reports to ensure that both parties are happy with progress being achieved
  • We work exclusively in the software sector with smaller businesses giving us a wide range of experience and confidence to deliver successful campaigns with our customers through the right channels

Our aim is that our clients think of us as an extension of their business - we are their marketing team, we just happen to be located elsewhere.  

If you would like to build a winning partnership with us, please contact us or visit our website.