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Securing More Deals for your Software Business...

There was a rush of activity following last week's blog "Bigger Deals Require Better Proposals".  

Our readers wanted to know more about producing the all important sales proposal and were very keen to understand how to deliver a winning sales presentation. To help you produce first class sales proposals and prepare for sales presentations for your software business, we would like to share two very relevant whitepapers with you this week.

  Whitepaper: Ten Tips for Persuasive Sales Presentations Are customers engaged in your sales presentations or do they just sit there? Does it leave you wondering if they are even listening? Another day, another proposal, another supplier, another presenter. If the parade has been going on for a couple of days, or even a few hours, you can understand buyer weariness in listening to presenter after presenter. To find out how to engage your buyers, download our whitepaper...  

Whitepaper: Win More Business with a Professional Sales Proposal When writing a successful sales proposal there are four categories of content that you must include in order to maximise your chance of winning that sale:    

  • Evidence that you Understand the Customer's Business and their Critical Business Issues
  • Explain how your solution will address these pains
  • A demonstration of the the Value inherent in your solution; and
  • Evidence of your ability to deliver


Many smaller software businesses face a real challenge when it comes to preparing sales proposals and getting ready for sales presentations. If you are struggling to convert your qualified leads at the sales stage, please contact us for a free no obligation consultation. We are experts in working with smaller software businesses and are confident that we can help you grow your business and win more sales.  

For more information please visit the website or call us for a free no-obligation consultation.