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Sales leads or marketing leads...

Where do leads come from? Who owns them? Who manages them? Who actions these leads? Who makes them ‘sales-ready’? These are some of the questions I hear frequently.  

I work with lots of smaller software businesses who need to generate more leads for their business and ultimately drive sales success. Poor leads that result in poor sales are not the fault of the sales team.  

This is what tends to happen. Many small businesses associate the term ‘leads’ solely with the sales team. Many businesses fail to recognise the integration between the sales and marketing process. Scores of potential customers come to the attention of the marketing team long before they engage with the sales department. It is how we nurture these leads that is vital.  

With a qualified sales ready lead, a sales person who is equipped with a strong set of selling techniques should be in a position to qualify and convert that lead into a sale.  

Our funnel will help you understand the process for generating qualified sales ready leads.  

Funnel and Wording June 2013

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