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Really Understanding the Role of a Non-Executive Director

The contestants on the BBC show 'Dragons' Den' gain far more than just money from teaming up with one of the Dragons. What they also get is a wealth of experience and business contacts. The same could be said for small businesses who work with a non-executive director.   

Terry Forsey Consulting have been successfully delivering a Non-Executive Service for over a decade now. This week we wanted to share with you our new 5 Minute Guide to Understanding the Role of a Non-Executive Director, helping to unravel the mystery of what exactly it is that they do!  

FACT: Research has indicated that companies with one or more non-executive directors perform better financially than those without.  

FACT: When involved with smaller or growing software companies, a non-executive can bring management skills to complement the existing team.  

FACT: Selecting a non-executive director with a strong sales and marketing background like mine can provide a balance to a more technically-focused board.  

A non-executive director should be an independent sounding-board and bring an input to strategic thinking for the further development of the business.  

If you're thinking about appointing a non-executive director for your business, or would like further information, please visit our website and download the new 'Five Minute Guide to Understanding the Role of a Non-Executive Director'.