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'Real-time' Marketing delivers Real Results

Successful personal relationships are built on trust, honesty, commitment and passion. So are business relationships - or at least they should be.  Let me explain.  

Marketing is changing...   

Gone are the days when you merely planned a campaign, executed it, and then analysed the results before moving on to the next one.  

Today's customers are more demanding - they want greater levels of immediacy. They want you to respond to their questions and concerns straightaway.  

In effect, they want 'real-time' marketing. And this is good for you too, as this high level of communication forms a vital part of the engagement process. Remember that the most valuable moment from a marketer's viewpoint is when your customer is actively in touch with you, be it talking to you on the phone, visiting your website or reading information you've provided.  

Make sure that all the details you provide are accurate, and always be open and honest with your customers.  Think of these as opportunities to educate your target market and to 'show and tell' your potential customers all about your product and your company.  

To effectively market your company and your software you must have passion. Have enthusiasm for your relationship with your customers, and be prepared to go that extra mile for them.

Show them commitment, and they will reward you with a profitable business relationship.  

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