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Re-engineer Your Sales Resources for Dramatic Success...

Sales SuccessThe spotlight this summer is on sales. With effective marketing in place many people have reduced the resources needed to drive inbound enquiries and are focusing the sales engagement model on fewer more relevant leads. 

Now the questions are focusing on the effectiveness of the qualification process, measurable selling processes, better quality sales proposal etc. More and more businesses are looking to drive efficiencies in their sales operation. Which means either achieving more with what you have or doing the same as today but with less.

We call this Sales Re-engineering. 

A real spin off of Sales Re-engineering is that you start to differentiate the business through how you sell as well as what you sell. And that a real benefit.

I have been working with a small sales team of a midlands based software company. Their challenge was to get a consistent sales performance for each sales person. The high flying dependable performers delivers month on month but the team had a high degree of fluctuation across the team and performance differed month on month. 

They were looking to improve the worst months for all people and achieve a greater consistency month on month. 

Last financial year to end March they had their strongest ever final quarter clawing back their yearly target short fall and achieving 102% of the annual team target. They can attribute this achievement directly to their Sales Re-engineering programme.

Furthermore, as they enter their first quarter of their 2016 financial year, they hit a recurrent challenge. The business has a habit of breaking their annual growth target into four equal quarterly targets. As a result, they have never hit a Q1 target - it’s a massive stretch from the previous year’s numbers. That was the case until the end of June 2016. Their Sales Re-engineering programme has continued to deliver benefits and they have hit the Q1 team target for the first time ever and their pipeline is strong.

Through their Sales Re-engineering programme from Terry Forsey Consulting they are now in a much stronger place to have a clear view of future achievable revenues and to deliver consistent month on month sales.

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