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Prospecting - "There's sales in them there hills!"

I recently helped a client who asked me for advice in recruiting a telesales person.  

But when we sat down and discussed it, I pointed out to him that very few people now take inbound cold - or even lukewarm - calls these days.  

Switchboards have gone, it's now the impersonal 'press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts, press 3 if you feel like your life's slowly ebbing away listening to all these options' etc.  You don't often get to speak to a human, let alone the person you need to speak with.  

Contrast this with LinkedIn.  Here you have lots of named individuals complete with job titles - over 15 million in the UK alone - but you still can't call them directly. However, you can communicate with them, and if you use InMail it always gets read.  

We concluded that what he really needed was a Sales Prospector, someone with a range of skills - curiosity, research, ability to nurture and educate, writing skills, great telephone manner combined with product knowledge.  Hang on, it sounded like more of a marketing than a sales role!  

I would suggest that the Sales Prospector's role of attraction, engagement and nurturing using quality communication through e-mail, LinkedIn and telephone sits in marketing, and that they warm up the leads and then pass them to Sales.  

An effective Sales Prospector will provide quality sales ready leads which very few sales people would turn down.  

To use an analogy, to recruit just a 'telesales' person who simply hits the phones cold calling will produce a single club golfer, when what you need is someone playing with a full set of clubs (a good all-rounder).  

The above case also illustrates that sometimes what you think you want isn't what you really need.  

Working with someone like Terry can give you that clarity - please contact us or visit the website for more information on how we can help your business get out of the bunker and onto the fairway to success!