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The pros and cons of buying external data

Over the years, the responsibility of buying third party marketing databases has become an unenviable task. The data can be inaccurate and go out of date very quickly. Many potential prospects perceive database marketing as unethical and devious. This can turn off a potential prospect immediately.  

Small businesses must therefore take great care in selecting reputable and established database companies in order to guarantee a good quality and up to date database that is fit for purpose. Do not be fooled into buying cheaper databases that are compiled from multiple sources, resulting in poor data hygiene and poor delivery rates. Remember, from the moment you purchase your new database, it will be decaying at 2-4% per month.  

However, if you are careful to use a reputable company when buying in external databases it can increase your target market dramatically in terms of size and geography. A good quality database will identify key decision makers, help you develop targeted sales leads and give you the confidence that the prospects in that list will have an interest in your product or service.  

Whilst the organic acquisition of data is always going to be more accurate it is a much slower process. The customer has willingly submitted their contact details to your business; they are interested in your product or service and would likely be more reactive to emails they receive from you. Your website is pivotal to all marketing activity and organic acquisition tends to happen predominantly online now via contact forms on websites or through social media tools such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Try to focus on capturing more new leads through your online marketing campaigns.  

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