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The Power of Repetition in your Marketing Messages

Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair's 'Spin Doctor', made the following observation about politics and communications:  

"One of my rules of political communications is that just as the politicians are getting tired of saying something, and the media are getting bored of hearing them say it, is the point at which you have to keep going with an argument."  

I have to agree with him on this, as I think that it's much the same with marketing. Human nature has us wanting to add some variety into our messages to stop repetition and boredom.  But we need to remember that to many it is the first time they will have heard that message. My advice - stick to your guns, and keep going.  Get your message over clearly, and repeat that message until it's understood.  

I know I seem to have been talking to you about our lead generation services for what seems like an eternity.  Yes, I keep talking to you about our four-stage marketing process of attract, engage, nurture and close. But I keep saying these things for a very important reason - it's because they work!  

These methods do generate new leads; they are a much better way of managing your sales and marketing processes, especially for smaller businesses that don't always have the marketing resources but need to increase their turnover and profits in order to grow. I also keep telling you about producing relevant compelling content - that's because in an online world awash with content only the best will rise to the top and get noticed! I know I keep mentioning inbound marketing - that's because we have to work hard to attract new prospects to our website so that we can engage with them.  

So, I make no apologies for repeating myself, because if something's worth saying in the first place, it's worth repeating.  

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