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Our Best Inspiration for 2017

2016 has been a very eventful and successful year for all SMEs. They accounted for a whopping 99.3% of all UK private sector businesses at the start of the year.  

With the UK technology and software sectors growing at such a fast pace, we need to focus on how we drive successful business growth through robust sales and marketing strategies. 

You might find the content below very useful. Last year these were our most popular downloads and campaigns.

We hope these helpful guides and services will inspire you all in 2017. 

Top 10 Tips Successful Digital Marketing

Top 10 Tips Digital Marketing

Smaller Software and Technology Businesses are always very focused on developing and launching an outstanding, flawless service or product.

That is where your strengths lie, you are innovators in a digital world. When you are ready to go to market, you need a digital marketing plan.

To help you, we have developed a new Top 10 Tips guide covering elements that can help you build a successful digital marketing campaign.



Top 10 Ways to Attract New B2B Website Visitors


Your business website looks great - it needs to, it's the most important sales and marketing tool you have.

It's bursting with interesting, relevant content and calls-to-action.

You're confident that when potential clients visit your website, everything they need is there, in a clear, easy to navigate format.

There's just one problem - how do you reach your target audience? Or put it another way, how do they find you first - and not your competitors?


5 Minute Guide: Top 5 Types of Content

5 Minute Guide Top Content

Does your content have the necessary 'oomph' to get you noticed in a very busy, noisy, crowded marketplace?

Do you know what works best and understand what you should be creating in order to generate more leads and achieve success in 2017?

Download a copy of our 5 Minute Guide "The Top Five Types of Content to Generate More Leads".


Top 10 Tips How to Nurture Your Buyers Journey

You’ve created content, promoted it on social media, optimised it for search and earned some leads, but now what? How do you hold on to that initial engagement and nurture a prospect through the buyer journey? 

Good question and one that we get asked frequently by smaller software and technology businesses.

Our latest Top 10 Tips guide will give you a better idea of how to successfully nurture your buyer's journey. Our guide offers 10 tips to help you do this, from email marketing, social media and video content through to building a resources section on your website.


SmartMarketing on Demand

SmartMarketing on Demand

The largest range of marketing services for smaller technology and software businesses.

Our service provides:

  • A wide range of low cost & flexible marketing services for technology and software businesses without the time and resource in-house
  • Outsourced marketing activities delivered by experienced technology and software marketers
  • Low-risk marketing resources without the recruitment cost and commitment
  • Transparent pricing structures and a monthly fee to suit your budget
  • Performance reporting and recommendations