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The No.1 Marketing Challenge for Smaller Software Businesses...

Ask any smaller software business what is their number one marketing challenge and you'll get the same, resounding answer - how to successfully generate qualified sales ready leads.  

It's an age-old problem - the marketing department get a hard time from the sales team because there aren't enough good quality leads coming through to them.  The marketing team tell them that a new strategy takes time to implement and see results.  This leads to all-round frustration. This is a challenge we faced too.  

We used to have disjointed tools:

  • E-mail marketing provider
  • Website Analytics
  • CRM
  • Social media – Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Company website 

Having a range of disjointed tools in different places was time-consuming and had become a hindrance rather than a help.  

We needed an integrated marketing solution that would enable us to integrate all of the above and master the world of inbound marketing, but it had to suit the small and medium enterprise (SME) marketspace.  

We spent time searching for something that we could not only use in-house, but could also recommend with confidence to clients.  

Having looked at the various options available, we found Act-On was unique in offering a complete solution at a fixed price, with all the components we needed to integrate.  

We started using it, and achieved a remarkable 50% growth in our first year.  

Now we can harness our in-house knowledge and expertise with Act-On's marketing automation software.  This enables us to deliver a complete lead generation managed service that can help software businesses manage the entire sales and marketing process from start to finish - and generate those all-important sales ready leads.  

For help and advice in how to overcome the number one marketing challenge and achieve growth like we did, please contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation or visit our website to find out more.