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No challenge is unique - remember you're never alone...

Life is full of challenges, but fortunately few are unique to you or your business.

We've been working with smaller software businesses for some time now, and we've gained valuable insights into how you think, your concerns and the problems you face.

Believe us, you're not alone - whatever you're facing, chances are it's the same problems other people in similar sized organisations to yours are facing too.

With this in mind, we've created a new section on our website where we highlight the challenges different members of staff face in software businesses, and discuss how these can be overcome.

Take the example of Narinda, the Sales Director. She and her team are struggling to convert leads into sales. Their deals are sporadic, and one-off successes can't be duplicated into a repeatable process. Sales calls aren't working either, as nobody they need to speak with is available. It's too time consuming to call every person who visits the website and shows the slightest interest. Many readers may recognise this scenario?

Our advice to Narinda, and everyone with similar problems - focus your attention on the leads that are qualified and sales ready.

Narinda needs to concentrate on the people who've engaged on social media, who've opened and clicked on marketing e-mails, or who've downloaded collateral.

But to do this effectively, she and her team need to monitor and measure.

We recommend that Narinda uses our proven sales and marketing methods, backed-up by exceptional marketing automation software, so that she can measure when a registered visitor becomes a qualified sales-ready lead.

Her prospect's entire journey will be recorded, measured and given a lead engagement score, which indicates if they are a 'hot' lead or not.

This process will help Narinda and her team develop a consultative sales technique that engages with prospects when they're ready, understands their needs and aligns with their buying process.

For more help and advice on overcoming any challenges you may be facing, please contact us for a free no obligation consultation or visit the website.