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New Sales Leads Soar with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates...

Make sure that your all-important marketing messages are seen by the right people at the right time with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.  

We have become experts in how to use this service, use it ourselves and run campaigns for our clients too. As a niche software sales and marketing consultancy we spend a lot of time and effort putting together our blogs, five minute guides, whitepapers, e-mails and other marketing collateral.  

Fundamental to our inbound marketing strategy is how we get that content read by our target audience.  We distribute through a wide range of social media channels, blogs, marketing e-mails and our website. But when it comes to social media, it's not enough to simply share your content with just your followers - you need to work harder and cast your net wider.  

We have successfully mastered the art of how to make the most out of LinkedIn's Sponsored Updates, driving more business to websites and increasing visitor engagement, which in turn leads to more potential sales leads.  

Briefly, how it works is that Sponsored Updates appear in the user's timeline on LinkedIn, and run on a 'pay-per-click' system.  You can specify who will see them by setting up targeting criteria specific to your market, so they are seen by the right people.  

Here are some reasons we think sponsored updates are ideal for smaller businesses:

  • Low minimum daily budgets make it very attractive for companies with smaller advertising spend - we have worked with a range of budgets and know how to make the most out of them;
  • If a follower shares your sponsored update you don't have to pay;
  • You can add media, like YouTube clips, to your update, which attracts people's attention;
  • Demographic targeting is very detailed, so you can tap into your specific audience easily - we are experts in doing this;
  • The sponsored updates come from your LinkedIn company page and can help you increase followers;
  • You can easily measure and control sponsored updates through a user-friendly analytics dashboard on LinkedIn;
  • Because they appear in the user's timeline they look less like advertising, giving them more weight.

For more help and advice on using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and pay per click advertising to generate more leads then please contact us on 01536 771440 to arrange a free no obligation consultation and find out more about our Lead Generation Services.