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New hardback book “Grow Your Software Business through Effective Sales and Marketing” is now available to buy.

We are very excited to announce that our latest hardback book is now available.

Our book “Grow your software business through Effective Sales and Marketing: A Simple ‘How-to’ Guide” has been written for owners and managers of smaller software businesses.

It shares the sales and marketing experience of Terry Forsey from over 40 years in the software industry worldwide.

It explains and demonstrates the techniques we have developed at Terry Forsey Consulting, specifically, to help smaller software companies build successful sales and marketing campaigns in today’s complex digital world.

This concise 32-page illustrated hardback book consists of five sections that cover:

  • Buying is as much of a process as selling
  • Building a winning marketing process
  • Engage your market
  • Building your marketing plan
  • Understanding the challenge of marketing

Grow your software business through effective sales and marketing