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Making the most of LinkedIn...

We've been providing a number of marketing services to a particular client, and I was talking to them about their social media activity.  

Although they've had a LinkedIn profile for some time, they freely admitted that they weren't using it to its full potential.  

I'm sure that they are not alone in this, so I thought I'd share with you some advice I've gained through my own experience and that of other clients.  

Here are some key points I recommend that will help you to attract and engage with your target market using LinkedIn:  

  • Make sure your profile is up to date;
  • Connect to people that you want to do business with - use analytics tools such as Google, Lead Forensics or Act-On to understand what companies are visiting your website, then connect with the decision-maker on LinkedIn;
  • Post updates regularly - send out links to your blogs, news and new resources on your website OR post links to industry news that your connections might find useful;
  • Use your company page - make sure it is up to date and holds the very latest information on your products and services;
  • Try LinkedIn Pay Per Click advertising - this is where the power of LinkedIn adverts starts to show up.  You can target by location, company, job title, LinkedIn group, gender and age.  Build specialist landing pages, set up your own daily budget and get going!

LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses. Use the handy hints above and make the most of it.  

It works for me, and it will work for you.  

If you would like to discuss further how to use LinkedIn to help drive more visitors to your website please contact us for a free no obligation consultation or visit our website to discover more about our marketing services.