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Make 2017 the Year for Real Sales Success

7 Steps to Achieving Winning Sales Performance

Are you considering how to boost your software and technology sales in 2017?

Take a look at our 5 Minute Guide and improve your sales performance starting today.

'7 Steps To Achieving Winning Sales Performance' will help you to develop a customer-centric sales approach, engage with prospects more effectively and develop and refine your sales process to win more business.

Understand your customers' buying mode - the nature of buying in the software sector and discuss the importance of high value solution selling;

Build connection to a critical business issue or pain - you need to explain how your products will solve a problem, not what it does or how;

Focus on perceived value - the importance of analysing your benefit statements;

Make your proposal sell - provide enough information, persuasively presented;

Communicate with absolute clarity - remember you've got about 30 seconds before a prospect makes their mind up about what you're selling, make those seconds count!

Offer tons of proof - the importance of third party evidence about your product, company or service;

Address risks don't avoid them! - the concept of risk and its role in the buyer's mind is one of the most powerful concepts in business-to-business sales. Learn how to use it to your advantage.