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Lead Nurturing for the Small Software Business

Sounds easy doesn't it and it can be, however, it is important to understand that every prospect is at a different stage of exploration and will therefore require differing information from you. Put another way more nurturing.

If software businesses start to engage prospects when they are not actively looking to buy then they can start to nurture the relationship and convey the strength of their message.  

If you can deliver valuable communications then you are setting the agenda against which alternatives will be evaluated when the time is right. If you invest in nurturing a new relationship and building value when the buyer is not active, you are THREE TIMES more likely to close a sale when the buyer is ready. This is supported by recent industry research that shows "85% of tech buyers said they need to encounter at least three pieces of "valuable" content before engaging with a solution provider." (Knowledge Storm/Marketing Sherpa).  

Some leads may require more information about your company, your products and services, whilst others who may be further along the buying cycle just want to know about your offers, pricing, or guarantees. This is where developing targeted nurturing streams aimed at delivering the content a lead is interested in at the relevant stage of their buying cycle is crucial. Download our whitepaper How Customers Buy to learn more.