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The Key to Business Success

I was with a client today who is experiencing some painful challenges growing their business. One of the founding directors, let’s call him John, is a bit of a sales superstar, meeting his sales targets of £400,000 a year. The business has a successful product with high demand and so with a good sales team it should be relatively simple to grow the business. The time came to expand the sales team. An initial goal was set to recruit three new sales people who would dramatically increase sales revenue.  

The business has so far recruited two sales people with initial individual targets of £200,000. It’s not going well. John is a great sales person and his new sales people have an excellent track record, but John is lacking the skills to manage and motivate his team. He doesn’t have the time to coach and mentor them and he doesn’t have a strategy in place for his sales team.  

John’s colleagues are not happy with how things are turning out.  

I left my client with some recommendations –

  1. Recruit a sales manager who can focus on managing and coaching the team, developing a better infrastructure and set up the system and processes including CRM etc.
  2. John’s target continues at £400,000 and the rest of the team have a shared initial target of £600,000.
  3. Next year build on initial sales team successes and infrastructure to increase the sales target towards £1.5million.

I come across this scenario on quite a regular basis where small businesses are growing rapidly but lack a planned sales and growth strategy. Many small businesses reach a point where they need to seek the help and guidance of an experienced consultant who has the skills and experience to coach, mentor and develop individuals and who can facilitate the development of a successful sales strategy.  

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