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Join us at Leicester Business Festival 2019

We're excited to say that Terry Forsey Consulting will be taking part in Leicester Business Festival 2019 and Terry himself will be hosting a must-attend event, Invigorate Your Sales & Marketing Strategy: Think Like a Buyer & Harness Automation Technology to Increase Sales Success.

The process of selling has never been as complex and nuanced as it is in today's digital business environment. But, there's one thing that hasn't changed and that's the competitive advantage gained by those who truly understand the people buying their products or services.

Join technology sales and marketing expert Terry Forsey for an unmissable exploration of the modern buyer journey, one which promises to throw new light on how your business sells and how your next phase of growth can be achieved.

This event is aimed at anyone interested in how to achieve business growth by developing an effective, modern and fit for purpose sales and marketing strategy.

Terry Forsey Consulting specialise in software and technology marketing, but the concepts and techniques discussed at this event can be leveraged by just about any business to sell more effectively in the digital age.

Attendees can expect to gain valuable insight from an industry leader and solution selling expert. The knowledge, concepts and techniques discussed provide the basis for building on your own processes. Through the inclusion of case studies, attendees can also gain an idea of the impact these can have in real-world scenarios.

The event takes place at DOCK Leicester on Wednesday 30th October (kicking off at 8.30am for a morning coffee before jumping into it). For more details and to register your place CLICK HERE

We can't wait to see you there!