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Inbound Marketing holds the Key...

What if I told you that there was a way to improve your market share, increase sales and it was much cheaper than traditional advertising and media-based marketing? You'd be interested, wouldn't you?  Well, there is a way, and it's called Inbound Marketing.  

To be effective, your inbound marketing strategy should address the following:  

  • Who are your buyers and what are their interests?  This is vital to establish, because inbound marketing is fuelled by online content that connects with your audience.  You must build relationships and trust;
  • How do your customers buy?  Understand the buying cycle and then provide content to educate and answer questions.  Provide solutions and add value;
  • Your website - the hub for all inbound marketing activity, content and measurement.  Make sure it's the best it can be for content publishing, positive user experience, search engine access and visitor tracking;
  • Your dynamic content - in order to connect at all stages of the buying cycle, you need a wide range of content types which are fresh and up-to-date.  Blogging is the fundamental, most essential type of dynamic content, and a blog is a compulsory part of every inbound marketing strategy.  Videos are growing in popularity and make your business stand out;
  • Your social media presence - be active as this links the market to your content and your business.  Sharing content and interacting is critical for attracting website visitors;
  • Your premium content - turn casual visitors into leads and sales prospects by showing them some commitment.  Offer valued, free content - white papers, eBooks or webinars - in exchange for information about them.  Tracking this activity forms the basis for qualifying and nurturing leads through their buying cycle;
  • Measuring return on investment - activity and results are easily measured with online marketing, and can be directly linked to sales.  Combining inbound marketing strategy with marketing automation technology is the only way to achieve closed-loop integration and measurement of marketing and sales.

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