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The importance of an up-to-date marketing database

I have worked with many small to medium software businesses over the last twenty years, helping them run successful marketing campaigns and grow their sales and profits. In our industry, a large proportion of marketing campaigns are carried out online through emails. There is one fundamental factor that can determine the success of any B2B campaign even before a single email has been sent out – and we’re not talking about the content or the title, we’re talking about the quality of a company’s marketing database. 

Inaccurate marketing databases result in wasted time, effort, budget and most importantly, lost business opportunities. They say ‘bad data’ is worse than no data at all.  

For a small software business, being able to generate leads through effective marketing campaigns is essential. It is so disheartening when you send your database of contacts a marketing email, only to see that a large proportion of those emails have been suppressed usually because of the following reasons –

  • the contact is duplicated
  • the first/last name is missing
  • the email address has permanent errors
  • the email address you have is a generic address such as sales@ or info@ which more often than not sees your email head straight for the spam folder.  

With the spring fast approaching, I would encourage all small software businesses to review their database whether it’s on a CRM system or simply in Excel and spend some valuable hours cleansing your data.  

Accurate data will ultimately result in more leads; increased leads will result in more sales.  

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